Nop Testimonial Slider

A unique plugin that allows admin to manage testimonials on different pages of Site.

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Nop Testimonial Slider

Nop Testimonial Sliders helps to manage clients’ feedback in terms of Testimonials in different pages of your site. Its responsive and Fully compatible to nopCommerce stores.


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This plugin has given the facility to manage testimonials according to your requirement. Admin can manage testimonials on different pages of the site if he required or can manage where to show the testimonials and where to not. e.g. If they wish to show the testimonials on home page they can manage it, and if they do not wish to show the testimonials on any page they can manage it too.


NyunopCommerce plugins are designed/developed such that it is compatible for all the versions of nopCommerce including latest versions. We have expert developers who can upgrade all the products in latest version.



We provide Free 1 year of upgradation with nyunopCommerce products and so as we give in Nop Easy Tab plugin for nopCommerce. We provide FREE support for installation on request for the first set up.


We have kept specific precaution for new bees, who are not familiar with nopCommerce interface well, can easily get idea and get plugin ready to use. We have provided a detailed video of installation and setting guidelines. Video contains details screen by screen so will be very much useful for new bees even.



Its a privilege for us that we have successfully Developed Nop Testimonial Slider in latest versions (nopCommerce versions 3.80, 3.70 and 3.60). The plugin is fully compatible to nopCommerce online store and responsive. Plugin will allow admin to manage testimonials on different pages of the website. Admin also can manage where testimonial should be shown and where not. Once this plugin is installed and active, testimonials will be shown in a slider mode on HOME PAGE and admin also can select testimonials from backend to manage priority to appear testimonial on home page.


Supported versions nopCommerce 3.80, 3.70, 3.60

Razor files are open to modifications


Detailed online documentation

1 year of free support since purchase date

1 year of free upgrades since purchase date

Widget Support

Ajax Support

Free Setup/Installation on a request.

Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines



To go ahead with Nop Testimonial Slider, please install plugin in your nopCommerce store.

  1. Copy the Plugin.TestimonialSlider folder into the Plugins folder of your NopCommerce installation\web site.
  2. Log in to your admin panel of nopCommerce and select Configuration>>Plugins.
  3. Plug in page will be open.
  4. Now Click on "Reload list of Plugins"
Installation Guid Image
Installation Guid Image
  1. Install "Nop Testimonial Slider" plugin.
  2. Nop Testimonial Slider is installed now.

Guidelines and settings

Once Nop Testimonial Slider is installed, you are ready to use and setting the configurations of the plug in.

  1. If you are not logged in your admin panel then please log in.
  2. Once you install plugin in your nopCommerce store, there will be a new tab created in your admin menu named "Plugin".
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. In other browser, open homepage of your nopCommerce site.
  2. You will find Testimonial link in footer.
  1. Click on "Testimonial" link.
  2. There will be a new page created. The page will be blank as you have not added any testimonials yet.
  3. Now go to admin panel.
  4. There will a new submenu created under menu Plugin.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. Click on "Testimonial"
  2. Here you can write your testimonials.
  3. Write a testimonial.
  4. There are two check boxes. "Show on slider". If this check box is ticked then testimonial will be shown on homepage slider.
  5. If "Published" check box is ticked then and only then testimonial will be shown in testimonial page.
  6. You can write client name and description from here and also can set display number.
  1. Now click on "Save".
  2. Write some more testimonials and save.
  3. Now go to homepage of your store.
  4. You will find your testimonials rotating at the bottom.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. Now click on "Testimonial" link from the footer.
  2. You will find testimonial list you have added and those who have "Publish" check box tick marked.
  3. Now go to Configuration >> Plugin from admin panel.
  4. Click on "Configure" button of testimonial plugin.
  1. From here, you can manage all the settings of testimonial plugin.
  2. By "Publish" check box, you can manage visibility of testimonials on home page.
  3. By "Show testimonial page" check box, you can manage visibility of link of testimonial page which is created in footer.
  4. By "Client name enable" check box, you can manage visibility of client's name on testimonial as well as homepage.
  5. By "Page size" check box, you can manage number of testimonials to be shown per testimonial page.
  6. Enjoy new way of testimonials in your nopCommerce store.
  7. If you require any further assistance or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
  8. You can contact us by emailing us at