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Nop Slider Manager

Nop Slider Manager helps you to manage home page slider with banners and videos.


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This is a unique plugin which will help you to manage images, videos and background videos on the home page of your website. It will help you to administer your home page in a lively mode. This plugin will provide you options to manage slider with Image/Video and BackGround Video. With the help of these options you can add only images/ only videos/ images and videos/ background videos in your home page slider.


You can manage the display of home page sliders for your multiple stores. From one place you can display home page slider in some stores and hide the home page slider in rest of the stores. You can organize it in order to your requirement.



Main aim of the company is to satify clients and for that we provide the facility to make changes in the project even after the work is submitted. All our products are designed and developed by our expert team of nopCommerce and so we believe we are the best one to customize ours/nopCommerce products.


With the help of this plugin, any width size slider automatically sets to the store page. However wide the slider is it adjusts to the screen width of the store page. So it reduces the work of resizing the width of the slider.



The plugin is responsive which makes the home page slider usable on multiple devices and loads faster for various connections. It can be featured in any device like desktop, laptop, mobile, ipad and tablet. So it becomes easy for the viewer to watch the home page slider, regardless of what kind of device they are using.


Nop Slider Manager will help you to exhibit your store home page with images, videos and background videos which will advertise your company and the products in an exclusive way. Our expert team of developers have created a convenient plugin which is easy to install on nopcommerce online store. Different options are available like Image/Video and Background video to manage your home page slider. You can even manage its layout in multiple store as per your requirement. A detailed process of installation is given in Documentation part so that even new users of nopCommerce can easily learn to access the plugin.


Supported version nopCommerce 3.80, 3.70

Multi-store support

Free Setup/Installation on request

Detailed online documentation

1 year of free upgrades since purchase date


Customizable on demand

Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files

Easy to install & manage from nopCommerce Admin panel

Tested with all major browsers

Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization

Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines



To go ahead with Nop Slider Manager, please install plugin in your nopCommerce store.

  1. Copy the "Plugin.Nop Slider Manager" folder into the Plugins folder of your NopCommerce installation\web site.
  2. Log in to your admin panel of nopCommerce and select Configuration>>Plugins>>Local Plugins. By this plugin page will open.
  3. Now click on "Reload list of Plugins".
Installation Guidelines Image
Installation Guidelines Image
  1. Install Nop Slider Manager plugin by clicking on 'Install'.
  2. Nop Slider Manager is installed now.

Guidelines and settings

Once Nop Slider Manager is installed, you are ready to use and set the configurations of the plug in. For better results it is advisable to deactivate 'Nivo Slider' plugin from admin panel.
  1. If you are not logged in to your admin panel then please log in.
  2. Once you install the plugin in your nopCommerce store, there will be a new tab created in your admin menu named 'Plugin'.
  3. In that, go to 'Nop Slider Manager>> NopSilder Manage' to manage slider.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. From this page you can manage home page slider with Images, Videos and Background Videos.
  2. To upload background video, select "Background Video" from Manage Slider dropdown.
  3. Upload the background video in the section of 'Video for BGVideo'.
  4. If you want to show any message or text on background video then write and format from 'Comment Section'.
  5. Tick the checkbox of 'Published', only then it can be viewed in the home page/store page.
  6. Click on 'Save' to list the background video.
  7. If you want to remove the entered data then click on 'Cancel'.
  1. To upload Image Select "Image/Video" from Manage Slider dropdown.
  2. Select the radio button of 'Image'.
  3. Under other select, click on 'Upload image' to upload the image or 'Image live link' to add image URL.
  4. If you want your image to redirect to any link by clicking the image then add the URL in 'Linking URL'. You can keep that linking URL on the same page or on a new page.
  5. Tick the checkbox of 'Published' and then click on 'Save', to list the image.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. To upload Video, select "Image/Video" from Manage Slider dropdown.
  2. Select the radio button of 'Video'.
  3. Under other select, click on 'Youtube Video / Vemio Video or Personal Video Upload' as per your video.
  4. When you select 'Youtube Video / Vemio Video', you can add the URL of the video in the 'URL' section and click on 'Preview' to see the video.
  1. When you select 'Personal Video Upload', you can upload a image to start the video from 'Post Image' section and the video in 'Post Video' section.
  2. Tick the checkbox of 'Published' and click on 'Save', to list the video.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. You can even edit and delete the listed images and videos. By clicking on 'Delete(Selected)' the selected image or video will be deleted.
  2. You can view the preview of home page slider by clicking on 'Slider Preview'.
  3. After uploading images/videos or background videos, you need to click on 'Apply' by selecting image/video or background video respectively, only then it will be seen in your home page/store page.
  1. In other browser, open homepage of your nopCommerce site.
  2. You can see home page slider with your selected images & videos or background video.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. To manage the settings of your home page slider, go to "Plugin>>Nop Slider Manager>> NopSlider Settings"
  1. From this page you can manage layers grid size, process bar, shadow type, navigation, video autoplay and transitions.
  2. To manage layers grid size, you can add Width and Height.
  3. You can adjust location of Process bar by selecting 'Bottom/Top/None' from the drop down menu.
  4. You can select different Shadow types from the drop down menu. There are 3 types of shadows under drop-down list '1,2 and 3'.
  5. You can 'Show or Hide' navigation by selecting from its drop down list.
  6. From Video Autoplay, you can select "True" if you want video to play automatically and "False" if you want do not want it to play automatically.
  7. In Transitions, you can select 'Lines/ Square/ Square & Lines'.
  8. After adding every requirement, click on "Save".
  9. For further assistance or any questions, please feel free to mail us at
Guidelines and settings Image