An organised way to manage your product description.

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Nop Easy Tab

The Nop Easy tab is a plugin that allows admin to organize their products details by categorising in Full Description, Product Tags, Specification, Related Product and Purchased Product.


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Easy way to manage product information

Easy way to manage product information:

Nop Easy Tab divides product description in to 5 different tabs like full description, product tags, specification, related product and purchased product. Admin can manage all the tabs wether to show or no to. By checking unchecking the box, admin can define visibility of the tabs.


We have kept specific precaution for new bees, who are not familiar with nopCommerce interface well, can easily get idea and get plugin ready to use. We have provided a detailed video of installation and setting guidelines. Video contains details screen by screen so will be very much useful for new bees even.



We provide Free 1 year of upgradation with nyunopCommerce products and so as we give in Nop Easy Tab plugin for nopCommerce. We provide FREE support for installation on request for the first set up.


NyunopCommerce plugins are designed/developed such that it is compatible for all the versions of nopCommerce including latest versions. We have expert developers who can upgrade all the products in latest version.



Client's satisfaction is the main goal of the company so we are provided required changes and satisfy them on a request. We do provide customization on customer's request. All our products are designed and developed by experts of nopCommerce so we believe we are the best one who can customize ours/nopCommerce products.


The Nop Easy Tab is a plugin that allows you to organise your product description in your nopCommerce store. Our expert developers team has developed this nopCommerce plugin in such a way that its easy to install and ready to use. You don't need to code HTML or anything else from admin or in source code. Just install it and its done. Once the plugin is installed, products description of your Asp.Net open source (nopCommerce) is divided into 5 tabs and relevant content is being displayed under relative tabs. Admin can manage which tab should be displayed in front side. Its also very easy to manage tabs from the front end site. Just tick/un tick check boxes for relevant tab to be displayed.


Supported versions nopCommerce 3.70, 3.60

Razor files are open to modifications


Detailed online documentation

1 year of free support since purchase date

1 year of free upgrades since purchase date

Widget Support

Ajax Support

Free Setup/Installation on a request.

Five Days money back guarantee

Customisable on request

Free Setup/Installation on a request

Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines



To go ahead with Nop Easy Tab, please install plugin in your nopCommerce store.

  1. Copy the "Plugin.EasyTab folder into the Plugins folder of your NopCommerce installation\web site Note: If you are working on your local machine with nopCommerce sources, copy them at: Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins..
  2. Log in to your admin panel of nopCommerce and select Configuration>>Plugins.
  3. Plugin page will be open.
  4. Now Click on "Reload list of Plugins"
Installation Guidelines Image
Installation Guidelines Image
  1. Install "Nop Easy Tab" plugin.
  2. Nop Easy Tab is installed now..

Guidelines and settings

Once Nop Easy Tab is installed, you are ready to use and setting the configurations of the plug in.
  1. If you are not logged in your admin panel then please log in.
  2. Open Product detail page of your store in different browser.
  3. You will find description in organized form with Nop Easy Tab. You will able to see Description, Product Tags, Product Specification, Related Product and Products also purchased tabs.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. Now follow these steps to get idea of working of Nop Easy Tab.
  2. Go to Configuration >> Plugins from admin side.
  3. You will have a list of all plugins installed.
  4. Find out "Nop Easy Tab" and click on "Configure" button.
  1. You will be redirected to a page called "Configure â€" Nop Easy Tab".
  2. You can manage all the settings from this screen.
  3. Untick the checkbox against "Product Tags" and click on "Save" button.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. Reload product detail page by clicking ctrl + F5. You will find only 4 tabs and there won't be any "Product Tags" tab.
  1. Untick checkbox against "Related Product" and click on "Save" button.
Guidelines and settings Image
Guidelines and settings Image
  1. Reload product detail page. Now only 3 tabs would be there. Description, Product Specification, and Products also purchased tabs.
  1. This way you can manage all tabs which you would like to show in front side.
  2. Enjoy your Product description as well organized.
  3. If you require any further assistance or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
  4. You can contact us by emailing us at